My Workbook Downloads

You Can Download These Files They Are Designed By Me.
Just Click on the little man above to the description
They Are Mostly Macro Enabled Workbooks, but are safe !
the macro`s are to clear and update functions & buttons
use them and enjoy the formulas i have created.
They are free to use as you wish, complete or formula's
They were designed for Excel 2007 but should work on Excel 2018
Disclaimer ..... yes there has to be one .. no guarentee
no claims you use at your own risk .
If You need help with any Excel Formul'a Just email me

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World Time Display
Allows you to see the time in Any part of the world add and change the time offsets and places via macro`s
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Planet Orbital Info
Give planet information in a table thats easily sorted.
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Convert Weights and many things
Conversion of most useful things like Weights, Lengths, Tempratures, and easily expandable in a simply list.
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Drawing Cones
Useful List Of UK Repeaters by Area And Towns Easily Searchable.
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Resistor Values
Easy Resistor Color Code , just select the colors to get the value
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Menstral Date Calculator
Shows how much time speeding saves you on a journey and why its not worth doing.
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Investments and Savings Calculator with many useful adjustments for interest rates and duration.
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Radio Equations
Amature Radio Various Formula Easy to use just add the values you require in the varoius tables.
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Generates A Pin Number to use based on information you can easily remember. Has multi card and name and nunber.
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Periodic Table that can be sorted in many ways to show needed data.
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A useful house stock for shopping and checking and cupboard locations, can generate lists for what you need and the shops to visit.
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Simply Trigonometry formula with diagram, add two values to get the missing one you want.
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Curved Earth , A Simple formula to work out the Horizon Distance And Objects That Can Be Seen.
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Small selection of fun things like a lottery number generator, betting odd and winnings ect.
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Just a diagram showing how triangular formulas work, this one based on Cos Sin Tan ect, but show how to make and use your own.

Running Dog
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